Managing Complexity

Managing Complexity

С.Ф. Боев, Д.Д. Ступин, А.А. Кочкаров, П.О.Скобелев. Обеспечение государственной безопасности в контексте взаимосвязи оборонных, техногенных и социальных угроз // Труды XVII Международной конференции “Проблемы управления и моделирования в сложных системах”, Самара, 22-25 июня 2015г. – Самара: СНЦ РАН, 2015. – С. 192-194.

В статье рассматриваются различные методы обеспечения национальной безопасности, использующих мониторинг, на основе мультиагентных технологий.

Managing Complexity. WITPress. - 2014

Managing Complexity is the first book that clearly defines the concept of Complexity, explains how Complexity can be measured and tuned. The thesis of the book is that complexity of the environment in which we work and live offers new opportunities and that the best strategy for surviving and prospering under conditions of complexity is to develop adaptability to perpetually changing conditions.An effective method for designing adaptability into business processes using multi-agent technology is presented and illustrated by several extensive examples, including adaptive, real-time scheduling of taxis, see-going tankers, road transport, supply chains, railway trains, production processes and swarms of small space satellites. Additional case studies include adaptive servicing of the International Space Station; adaptive processing of design changes of large structures such as wings of the largest airliner in the world; dynamic data mining, knowledge discovery and distributed semantic processing.

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