Smart Tasks

Smart Tasks

Smart Tasks - multi-agent scheduler of personal tasks for mobile users

This project is aimed at creation of personal tasks scheduler, that can be operated on PC or available through mobile phone.

In this system on base of the ontology editor user can set up templates withsequences of his/her actions, that then can be uploaded to the personal plan taking into consideration all semantic interdependencies between them, overlap with existing tasks, shift them (or move themselves), and, finally, sequence in the most convenient way for the user, constantly changing as new event occurs. With the help of ontologies used as scenario templates for tasks specification any operations chain can be managed for example for companies business-processes control, government service delivery, taking a medicine and etc.

If necessary user can “download” to his/her mobile device the templates seem to be useful for business orprivate life situations, sport and other activities that will be planned in accordance with set up preferences and restrictions and later will be adjusted in real time. For example if a user is at the meeting and it’s time for him to go to the airport, his agent by analyzing user location with the help of GPS device, traffic jamsand his current schedule finds out that user can be late and sends him a context – driven message containing offer to finish the meeting and order a taxi. Any events can overlap with the uploaded templates, causing adaptive rescheduling of the user tasks by their shifts and drops in accordance with user preferences, interdependent tasks and etc.

In the first system version only single user tasks can be planned but since the main schedule is kept on the server later on itll be possible to collectively plan employees work.

At the moment this project is at the stage of commercial system prototype development.

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