How Innovations Become Popular: About Ant Colony Principles of SEC Smart Solutions in Strategy Journal

Strategy journal has published an article Announcing success: how innovations become popular in the issue Future is here now (no. 2 (20)), dedicated to the Forum Open Innovations-2015. The article highlights the most interesting and promising innovative companies of the TechUp rating, which are not only in great demand in the Russian market, but also export their products abroad.

Our company has been mentioned among them:

Ant colony principle

Behavior of a self-organizing system of bee swarm and ant colony is used by software engineering company Smart Solutions as a basis for its developments and is applied  for dispatching of various objects: from taxi stations to an aerospace complex.

Multi-agent technology enables a hundred of small systems (not a traditional centralized one) to make efficient decisions. Thanks to this new approach, inspired by insects, a number of agents can flexibly and quickly react to events (a new order or a drop in productive capacity). Such smart scheduling systems solve emerging conflicts in real time.

Application field of the technology used by Smart Solutions is incredibly wide. It can be integrated with satellites systems, databases of movement objects traffic, with mobile devices, e-maps, and Internet services. The main Russian customers of Smart Solutions products are Rocket and Space Corporation Energiaand JSC Russian Railways, while Airbus Corporation, LEGO, and Coca-Cola are among the foreign customers.


Source: Strategy journal no. 2 (20)

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