“Smart Solutions” has successfully implemented supply network management system in Coca-Cola, Germany

The "Smart Solutions" team has successfully implemented supply network management system "Smart Supply Chain" for the Coca-Cola Company in Germany.

"Smart Supply Chain" is an intelligent supply network management system. It allows for planning production and traffic of goods in a complex supply chain. Moreover, the system adaptively adjusts the plan in real time according to changes of goods stock, lists of orders and deviations from the approved plans. As a result, the users can see the most effective sequence of order execution (from the viewpoint of profit and quality of service), the most suitable suppliers, time constraints and a list of necessary production operations as well as the necessity for movement of goods in the chain.

The system is integrated with IT infrastructure of the Coca-Cola Company and can download input data from different accounting systems such as SAP and others. While planning, the system takes into account capacity of the channels, cost and duration of production at different factories, cost and duration of delivery between chain nodes, significance of orders, fines for deviations from the plan, specific requirements for storage of goods, structure of the supply chain, quarantine periods, minimum volume of a consignment and so on.

Fine-tuning according to the Customer’s requirements and implementation procedures of the intelligent system have been in progress since summer of 2014.

Software Development Contract with the Coca-Cola Company was executed via our partner company – Multi-Agent Technology Ltd (Great Britain, London). Software development, implementation procedures and client support were carried out by the team in Samara.

Today the system is in industrial operation in the Cola-Cola Company, Germany and is used by the national orders management group for planning and analysis of processing orders coming from distribution centers across the country.

The Coca-Cola Company, Germany currently has 8 factories for production of soft drinks and more than 300 distribution centers.

The Coca-Cola Company has already tried to organize planning earlier with help of classical approaches but these attempts weren’t successful due to long response (time for planning) and impossibility of analyzing results interactively introducing new constraints and changes into the plan. Before introduction of “Smart Supply Chain”, the company’s employees had to analyze different ways of order execution by hand or using spreadsheets. Moreover, during peak hours or days, under the pressure of extreme inflow of orders, the decisions were made purely by intuition. The corporation had been losing its income due to non-optimal delivery ways, missing possibilities of adaptive reorganization of the production schedules and redeployment of stocks in the warehouses.

As a result of the intelligent system implementation, the rate of order execution has increased by 7% during peak days. Moreover, transportation expenses have decreased by up to 20% for some orders.

In recognition of these results a reference letter from the Coca-Cola Company, Germany has been received by our team.


“Smart Supply Chain": the Coca-Cola Company network in Germany,
 production schedules, deliveries and stocks of one of the nodes.


“Smart Supply Chain”: the system displays the most efficient time and
route for execution of each order as well as the necessary production and logistics operations.

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