«Smart Solutions» participated in the economic mission of the Samara Region delegation in Finland

On the November 18-22, 2014 Samara Region delegation headed by the vice-governor, Minister of Economic Development, Investment and Trade of Samara Region Alexander Kobenko, visited the Republic of Finland.

The delegation included 4 representatives of the leading region universities and 7 representatives of the innovation infrastructure organizations, including the ones that implement innovative solutions in energy-saving, IT- and Nano-technologies.


Samara Region delegation

XV session of the coordinated subgroup on the cooperation of The Ministry of Employment and the Economy of Finland with Samara Region was held as a part of the business program. The innovation system and potential of Samara Region were presented on this event, including a presentation of the newly established joint venture («Smart Optimizing» Ltd.) of the Finnish company «Multi Solution Oy» Ltd and Russian SEC “Smart Solutions” Ltd.


 Risto Mahlamaeki, CEO of «Smart Optimizing Ltd» and our company partner on the presentation of the joint venture «Smart Optimizing» Ltd.

During the visit, Samara Region delegation visited several objects of the innovation infrastructure, universities, government organizations of innovations support and innovation industrial enterprises of the Republic of Finland, such as:

¾ Expert organization “Tekes” (Helsinki) – scientific research, developments and innovation support in the corporate sector and universities;

¾ Science and business park “Ladec” (Lahti) – services for development on each stage of the enterprise;

¾ “Innovaatio Oy Uusi Tehdas” (Tampere) – innovation factory;

¾ Universities «Aalto», «Aalto Center for Entrepreneurship», «Startup Sauna» (Espoo) – centers of the operation launch of innovation companies and startup culture development in the regions;

¾ Technology center “TechVilla” (Hyvinkää) – companies support in the following areas: potential product markets research, search for the appropriate distribution channels, roadmap creation, search for funding and the best experts and partners.

“Smart Solutions” had a very efficient meeting with the Trade Representation of the Russian Federation in Finland. During the meeting, an agreement was reached about the government support of the company products promotion on the Finnish market and search for the potential partners for the further development of the existing products.

In the course of the event. “Smart Solutions” team made a number of demonstrations and presentations of the scientific and technological products, developed with the financial support of the Ministry of Science and Education of the Russian Federation.

For more information visit http://www.economy.samregion.ru/press-center/sobytiya/sostoyalsya-vizit-delegatsii-samarskoy-oblasti-v-finlyandskuyu-respubliku2/ (In Russian).

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