Smart Solutions presented its developments at the CeBIT-2015 exhibition

On the March 14-18, «Smart Solutions” took part in a united Russian exposition of The Ministry of Science and Education of the Russian Federation at the CeBIT-2015 - the largest international scientific exhibition of information technologies, telecommunication, IT-solutions and services.

Since 2010, our company participates in the exhibition annually, takes an active part in its business program, displays the main company products and presents R&D results that were obtained in the course of the Federal Targeted Program of MES.

This year, ICT specialists from thousands of organizations from 70 countries participated in the exhibition.

Our company developments attracted a lot of exhibition participants and guests, including universities and software development companies’ executives and system integrators from Russia, Georgia, Great Britain, Germany, China and Netherlands.

The Huawei Company has shown interest in the developments in production scheduling. A meeting in China at the end of April to discuss the terms of cooperation is scheduled.

CeBIT .jpg

HUAWEI booth. Potential cooperation in the industrial automation

Head of the Analytics and Developments Department Sergey Kozhevnikov represented our company at this event.

“Evaluating foreign exhibitions, one can say that they are held at a very high level. Foreign companies put huge efforts in the design and interface aspects, usability and detailed features description. And Russian products are highly competitive with their analogues in number of ‘know-hows and innovations and most of the functional features. It is interesting to note that such corporate giants as SAMSUNG, HUAWEI, SAP, IBM, T-mobile and others diversify their activity areas, - Sergey shared his impressions.


KUKA booth. Potential cooperation in the industrial automation. They operate with equipment.

CeBIT is a world-famous exhibition, which is held for almost 30 years, and it is the biggest event that unites IT developers from all over the world. The exhibition hosted over than 200 thousands of guests, third of which are top managers of the huge corporations such as Microsoft, Huawei, Samsung and others.

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