For investors

We are the leading engineering company developing multi-agent technologies and implementing revolutionary new approach to software engineering.

The shift of paradigm that takes place now is a switch from traditional centralized, monolithic and sequential software systems to distributed asynchronic networks of parallel autonomous program systems (software agents), which are able to compete and cooperate with each other to find coordinated solution.

At that we develop our systems on the basis of fundamental self-organization and evolution principles which allow to solve very complex scheduling and optimization problems in various fields with the usage of the same software platform and collection of methods. It allows high re-usage of software code to rise up efficiency and reduce costs of our developments.

By attracting reasonable investments absolutely new products in different fields of logistics and many other can be created on this base with very high ROI.

We are ready to cooperate in this promising sphere and are interested to attract investors for new products development as well as establishment of specialized companies (joint enterprises) for these products launch.

Our advanced business vision together with pioneering approach and experience can guarantee short ROI period of joint projects and fast growth of company value.