Software engineering company “Smart Solutions” was established in 2010 and for the short period has worked the way up from a small group of young enthusiasts - to the company with more than 90 professional developers of new advanced products and technologies.

Our developments are based on our previous advanced research projects in cooperation with Russian Academy of Science and airspace enterprises in the domain of leading edge information technologies.

Our main goal now is to create new generation of smart solutions designed to manage enterprise resources and support decision making process in real time, for example, in the field of transport and manufacturing logistics, airports and any other complex domains of real time operations.

The main feature of our solutions is the usage of knowledge bases of enterprises and multi-agent technologies for emergent intelligence systems designing based on fundamental principles of self-organization and evolution which allow system continuously adapt to real time events and ever-changing operation conditions.

We are developing enterprise-ready commercial applications based on most popular .Net and J2EE platforms due to usage of which our technologies provide openness, flexibility, effectiveness, productivity and reliability as well as scalability of developed applications.

From the first steps we got many clients and partners that are well-known enterprises interested in development of innovative forward-thinking solutions for more effective resource usage, offering advanced service to customers, providing competitive advantages for our clients at the market.

We are trying to combine R&D and practical activities to form pioneering vision for our clients and partners and cooperate with well-known Institutes of Russian Academy of Science, industrial enterprises and universities.

We are open for new ideas, support innovative approaches and partnerships, offer our customers leading edge innovative solutions for solving very complex problems of modern business.