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Bio-Inspired Multi-Agent Technology

for Real Time Resource Allocation, Scheduling and Optimization

We are developing bio-inspired multi-agent technology and systems for allocation, scheduling and optimization of resources in real time, as well as for solving other types of very complex problems. Our methods and tools allow to improve the efficiency of resource utilization and quality of client service, reduce costs and risks, minimize human errors in decision making.

Keywords: Multi-Agent Technology, Resource Scheduling and Optimization, Real Time.


In the future new stage of information technologies development associates with Multi- Agent Technology which moves in step by step way to the level of critical nano- and biotechnologies (www.agentlink.org).

The reason of this quick growth coming from the opportunity to create new generation of computer systems based on bio-inspired principles of self-organization and evolution working for any kind of living systems, for example, such as ant colony or bee swarm.


Multi-agent system consists of autonomous agents (software objects) able to react on events and analyze situation, make decisions and communicate with other agents.

Comparing with object-oriented approach the agent can’t be invoked as a state-less object and implemented as a method; but can be asked to implement the task – for this reason he need to talk with other agents and make re-commitments; and this process can results in chains of re-commitments for finding new near to optimum solution of complex problem.

The decision of any complex task in this system is made evolutionary by interaction of dozen and hundreds thousands of agents which compete and cooperate with each other, create and break solution until the required quality level of problem solution is reached.
It allows to solve complex problems in a real time which cannot be solved by other ways, for example in the area of resource planning and optimization, data mining, patterns recognition, text understanding and others.


To develop this approach in transport logistics Magenta Technology company was established in 2000 in England (http://www.magenta-technology.com) on the basis of Russian Software Engineering Company “Knowledge Genesis” Ltd. This company developed innovative multi-agent technology for solving problems of discrete optimization for mobile resources. Co-founders of this company are two European investment funds.

As a result in a short period of time there was created the first generation of dynamic mobile resources schedulers for solving problems of complex transport networks in real time in different transport logistics domains.


The differentiation of this technology is that for each transport company’s order or resource it’s set own agent that represents its goals, preferences and constraints. Agents continuously negotiate on Virtual Market trying to make best possible match. Differs from traditional, centralized, hierarchical, sequential, batch scheduling systems the developed multi-agent systems for resource planning and optimization represent the community of agents-optimizers with their own schedules, which work in quasi-parallel bio-inspired way identifying conflicts and negotiating trade-offs in real time. As a result agents are able to respond to any events very quickly and flexible by solving conflicts and rebuilding links in scene, which represents real world situation, from dozen and hundred thousand connected operations. Agents react to events coming in real time or able to improve results proactively if there’s enough time.

Advantages of such approach are ability to solve complex problems of resource management in real time, and also openness, flexibility and efficiency, productivity and reliability of created systems.

But the most important feature of designed resource planning and optimization technology is adaptability to form and execute plans. In our approach plan is not formed from the beginning every time when new event comes as it’s done in usual batch optimization methods but plan is just continuously updated and executed on a rolling basis by events in real time.

Developed products can be easily integrated with GPS/GLONASS systems, RFID equipments and mobile devices, electronic maps, Internet-services such as on-line weather forecast or traffic jam receiving, etc.


Developed multi-agent schedulers are used in for running the largest big size tanker’s fleet, the largest fleet of corporate taxi in England, one of the most large truck’s fleet in Europe and others.

As a result the efficiency of resource utilization and service level for clients were increased, costs and risks were reduced; as well as dependence of human factor.

For example developed multi-agent system of resource planning and optimization for corporate taxi company allows automatically plan 13 thousand orders on 800 cars, equipped with GPS – navigation equipment, by keeping touch with drivers through mobile phones within a day. As a result within a month after implementation amount of fulfilled orders was increased by 7% with the same fleet of cars, right now 97% of all taxi orders are planned automatically, without dispatchers taking part in it; amount of orders fulfilled not in time is 3.5 times less (2%); taxi idle run was reduced by 22.5%, right now each taxi fulfills 2 more trips during the week with the same costs on time and fuel, that lead to gain profitability from each car by 5%; time spent on taxi ordering is less on 40%; time for training of new operators is 4 times less; web-site works more efficiently now and can process already about 16% of orders.


In 2009 “Knowledge Genesis” Ltd. was transformed into Group of Companies with the goal to design and implement new generation of more innovative and powerful multi-agent platforms and products.

Now one of companies specifically dedicated to development of intelligent real time scheduling solutions is Smart Solutions, Ltd (www.smartsolutions-123.ru/en).

The new generation of our systems is designed to support the whole cycle of intelligent resource management: response to events, adaptive resource planning in real time, interacting with all participants for coordination of actions through mobile phones, monitoring of plans fulfillment and finally jobs re-planning in case of growing gap between plan and reality.

The key features of new generation of multi-agent systems: 1)shift to p2p networks of multi-agent systems; 2)bottom-Up approach for building Ontology for domain knowledge capturing; 3)learning through experience.

Such approach will allow company to solve more complex problems of dynamic resources allocation, scheduling and optimization.

At the time we are mainly working in areas:
- Smart Aerospace
- Smart Transportation
- Smart Factories
- Smart Field Services
- Smart Railways
- Smart Supply Chains

For example, together with Rocket & Space Corporation “Energy” we have developed adaptive flight and cargo multi-agent scheduling system for International Space Station. Multi-agent system for intercity cargo transportation is implemented for Prologics company in Moscow. Together with Ministry of economics and technology of Germany, University of Cologne and Airbus the project is completed on creating multi-agent RFID based simulator for on-ground airport services management. Multi-agent system for real time scheduling of workshops is implemented for national manufacturer of electronics in Izevsk. Multi-agent system for 004 Call Center for regional gas distribution network is delivered. Network-centric multi-agent scheduling systems for Russian National Railways and Supply Chain Network of Lego in US are in developments, as well as multi-agent system with “collective intelligence” of satellites for distant observation of Earth - and a number of other pioneering solutions and applications.


Company is accredited in Russian Ministry of Science as innovative SME, certified in software developments for Russian Federal Aerospace Agency (“Roskosmos”), has ISO 9001 certificate.

New generation of Smart Solutions for Intelligent Transportation, Factories and Mobile Field Services are awarded as a “Best products” on National Exhibition “Soft-Tool 2011. Chamber of Commerce of Samara Region awarded company as a “Best Company 2011” and “Innovative Company 2012”.
A daughter company was established in Skolkovo (Russian “Silicon Valley”) and got grant for new developments at the end of 2011.

For contacts:
“Smart Solutions” Ltd, 443013, Samara, Moskovskoye Shosse 17, Business Center «Vertical», 12-th floor, office 1201. Phone/Fax: +7 (846) 279-37-79, +7 (846) 279-37-78, www.smartsolutions-123.ru/en, info@smartsolutions-123.ru.

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